SCENAR + Cosmodic

Natural Healing

  • Non-invasive
  • Non-surgical
  • Non-pharmaceutical
  • The “ideal doctor and always at hand”.

Biofeedback – The Body’s In-Built Pharmacy

“This unique device causes the body’s self-healing to be effected by the release of neuro and other peptides, commonly known as the body’s in-built pharmacy.”

“Simply explained, the device’s sophisticated circuitry listens to the patient”s body and then determines the most appropriate signals and dosages, using body’s very own in-built pharmacy, that, in any given instance, needs to be provided to stimulate self-healing.”


One of the most brilliant healing machines I discovered in my search for future trends is the SCENAR device (self-controlled energo-neuro-adaptive-regulation). Actually, it’s a whole family of machines and I predict they will completely change the face of medicine in the next 20 years. They are fast, portable, cheap and effective against almost any condition, […]

Dr. Scott-Mumby, Healthcare Author

One moment I was in absolute agony, having injured the base of my back. I could hardly get in or out of the car and it was really painful. But 5 minutes treatment with the SCENAR I was back on court playing again, much to the amazement of everyone around me. I just could not […]

Mike Read DJ, TV Presenter

I am a golf player, but due to my condition I had been unable to play golf for two years. I had severe back pain, constant stiffness and I was unable to move my neck. I decided to have Scenar treatment in combination with acupuncture. Even though I had only one treatment a week, within […]

Mr B. P.