LET Medical EX735Ag – Slider x3

LET Medical EX735Ag – Slider x3


The Best Any SLIDER Can Offer

SCENAR COSMODIC EX735Ag Slider x3 is the latest LET Medical addition to the EX735 SLIDER series of professional devices that combine both SCENAR and COSMODIC technologies to dynamically optimize their ratio to fit the body’s needs “here and now”.

EX735Ag Slider x3 offers everything that the other SLIDERs do, PLUS:

The increased therapeutic efficiency of the device, which became more profound than the previous models “getting through” to deeply rooted problems quicker and easier and with a stronger effect on REGENERATION and REJUVENATION.

High DETOXIFICATION capacity efficiently helps the body get rid of drug residue, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins (mostly from a mold), exogenous estrogen, inhaled air pollutants, and, to some degree, radiation and GMO fragments.

A separate ASSESSMENT module that walks a user through and performs the full-body assessment, displaying the results in graphic form, which makes the procedure much more inclusive, precise, intuitive, and familiar to classical SCENAR therapists.