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LET Medical – Ski electrode probe SCENAR-COSMODIC



Hand held remote electrode probe

Universal therapeutic remote electrode. Treatment of small areas, face cosmetology, pediatrics. Made of pure silver (first melt)
Range of application
Treating new-born babies
Acting upon the areas of complicated bone constitution
Acting upon small areas
Massaging the head
Treating perineum
Cosmetic treatment of the face
Prolonged action upon the area (the electrodes can be placed under the body while the patient is lying)

The electrodes are detachable and made in a form of three bars, which are flat on the underside and rounded at the front end of the casing. The rounded part is convenient for treatment of small or hard-to-reach areas (for example, on the face). The flat part is mainly used for treatment of large areas. The electrodes are made of silver according to the special technology, which allows maintaining the natural structure of silver. This provides additional healing effect and more accurate signal of action.

Silver is known for its bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and styptic effects. Silver is a natural bactericidal metal effective against 650 kinds of bacteria which do not acquire resistance to it, like to most antibiotics.

60 x 35 x 18 mm – (2.36 x 1.37 x .70″)

1 year warranty

Purchasing this device acknowledges you have permission from a licensed health care professional allowing you to use such a device for its intended purpose.

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