The RITM SCENAR Pro + is the most popular version among professional users, which constitutes the best compromise between price and quality. As compared with the previous version RITM SCENAR Pro, this device’s functionality is extended to include the second mode of dosed stimulation (Dose 2 — a differential dose), a screening mode (Dose 3) and four (4) modes of combined modulation (Swing) that allows one to change parameters of stimulation pulses (a form, number of pulses in a burst, a gap between pulses and pulse frequency) simultaneously.

The device is very popular among physical therapists.

*This new version of RITM SCENAR Pro + is now available in the US, featuring a color screen with additional brightness and customer friendly interface.

SCENAR Pro + is a light-weight, portable, easy to use, multifunctional and powerful SCENAR device designed for advanced users to provide non-invasive, interactive electrical stimulation therapy via the patient’s skin.

SCENAR technology has been proven to provide quick and sustainable pain relief in a wide range of painful conditions, increased function, and quicker rehabilitation.