LET Medical – Electrode for Vagina Application EV01Ag

LET Medical – Electrode for Vagina Application EV01Ag


Vaginal COSMODIC Remote Electrode – 2 spheres

Remote silver COSMODIC electrode for VAGINAL application EV01(w). Designed for the treatment of painful conditions of female reproductive and urinary systems and surrounding organs and hormonal imbalances.

This remote electrode is specifically designated to be used on the surfaces with low electrical resistance (highly conductive), such as mucous membranes.

The EV01 remote electrode is made of pure silver (925 grade or higher) with a proprietary technology that preserves the natural structure of silver at the same time increasing its gravitational density and conductivity (thus increasing the depth of the signal penetration and minimizing its distortion during transmission).

Compatible with ALL LET Medical SCENAR COSMODIC ENS devices.