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Doctors Recommend SCENAR

Duke Podder, USA

I have been in the healing arts for over 30 years and feel the SCENAR can be helpful to many people of America – not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. I have treated over 50 people in the past 2 months with the 705. The results have been good. Now I have some patients interested in SCENAR.

Monique Stone, UK

As I said before I have been very pleased with your devices and so have my patients. When I arrived home today there was a message on my answer-phone from one of my patients, who was waiting for surgery on his shoulder and also having treatment from me. His message was, that his surgeon had found so much improvement that there was now no need for surgery. This is not surprising to me.

Irena Kossovskaia, Canada

The fascinating perfection of the highly sophisticated functional system, such as a human being, assumes a presence of powerful mechanisms of self-correction and natural healing – and I strongly believe that medicine of the future will have a great respect for these mechanisms. This medicine in the most natural and delicate ways will help us restore the harmony of our being, returning people the Art to see, to understand, to realize themselves as intrinsic and precious parts of a much bigger whole.

Roger S. Meacock, UK

“I can’t imagine being a vet without my 735v5Ag. The results are always excellent and many horses have benefited from SCENAR to the point of saving them from expensive lameness investigations and surgery or speeding up their recovery from injury and getting them back into competition sooner and with a reduced risk of repeating their injuries. On a number of occasions, horses that other vets had recommended to be shot have returned to full work at the highest levels. Thank you Alexander Karasev!