LET Medical SCENAR Cosmodic ENS

LET Medical SCENAR Cosmodic ENS


It’s a sophisticated professional device and is simple enough to operate and handle in home settings.


The first was designed in 1976 and is called the ENS-01. Then came along the ENS-02 and ENS-03 as the progenitor of the SCENAR device. The first serial production device called SCENAR-035 was put out and become known all over the world because of its unique effect in treatment and the amazing results. However, it was still far from being a true treatment device. We have moved forward a great deal creating a far more advanced method of treatment now known as COSMODIC. It’s believed to be from the cosmos because of the way it works.  It has now created a new avenue in medicine and has dramatically enlarged the field of application.

ENS has been the result of forty years of work and research opening a new era of medication-free therapy and treatment.

ENS therapy is a logical continuation of earlier COSMODIC therapy but in a more advanced implementation. ENS therapy is based on informational stimuli allowing a more accurate approach to the informational space of the body getting resonance responses from virtually all cells permitting the body to restore its original design. While using ENS this is sometimes noticed.

You can possibly become the best version of yourself, the best you can be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You’ll know you’ll have the best non-invasive treatment device available and you can take it anywhere for family or your practice.