LET Medical Cosmodic – EX715Ag

LET Medical Cosmodic – EX715Ag


The Most Elegant COSMODIC

EX715Ag is an exclusive COSMODIC device for personal as well as professional use.

The EX715Ag was originally designed as a “beauty device”, with the focus on cosmetology. It was soon discovered, however, that the COSMODIC 715 is a powerful overall treatment tool. In 2012 the device underwent a design upgrade that has substantially increased the 715’s therapeutic potential.

Elegant, compact, and intuitive, the “lady” COSMODIC 715 definitely fits the ‘best buy’ category.

The device became more powerful and robust, with enhanced rejuvenation qualities due to the strong impact on hormonal balance in both female and male bodies and a regenerative effect on internal organs (especially in the reproductive and urinary systems), as well as on the nervous system.